I can not find my deleted files.

Recover4all lists deleted files in the folder where the files have been located before they were deleted. If deleted files or directories could not be assigned a position in the existing file system, they will be listed in blue folders. So if you can not find your files in yellow or green folders, you need to browse all possibly listed blue folders. If you still can not find a deleted file anywhere, it is not recoverable with Recover4all - with one exception: If all of the following 3 conditions apply, you might be able to find the file in a yellow folder called "Recycler":

Windows XP/2000, only NTFS drives, only files that were in the recycle bin:

- In Recover4all look for a folder called "Recycler" in the drive`s root directory. Your deleted files can be in that folder. But the filenames are not the original names. A file "test.doc" will now e.g. be called "DC123.doc". The first letter is always a "D" (like "Deleted"). The second letter is the letter of the drive, for instance "C". The extension, for instance ".doc", is the original extension of the file before it was deleted. It hasn`t changed and it can help you to identify the file that you are searching. Another hint can be the file size.

Although the filenames are not preserved, recovery chances of those files are the same as for other files (apart from the filename).

- If a whole directory was deleted, it can show up as a green folder in the "Recycler" folder. The filename of the green folder will not be the original name (see above).

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